Colegio Bilingüe San Antonio

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Reading pink flowers - 1ºB

The children of 1st course have nearly finished their first study of tricky words. They are learning now the last group (colour brown) and revising those of colour pink.

After asking them individually, they can play the role of the teacher.

Well done!

Click on this link to watch the video:

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Saint Patrick's Day - 1ºA and 1ºB

The children are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day (March, the 17th) with a decorated ribbon they wear on their heads and a special present for other classrooms!

Have a nice St Patrick's Day!

Sentence dictation - 1ºB

We have moved on to sentence dictation. The teacher shows three sentences to the children in the board. They read them all together. Then, the teacher read out one of them and they have to copy exactly the same sentence.

It's a slow process, but it's working!

Finally, they can play the last few minutes of the classroom copying english words from the books:

Well done!

Plants - 1ºB

Some pictures of the children while going through the Unit of Plants:

1 - Planting seeds

2 - Roots

3 - Stem and leaves

4 - Making a paper flower

5 - Plants take in water through the roots

6 - Making a giant sunflower (along with 1ºA)

Good job children!